The Ball Joint Dolls

Witley Wood Elves 


Dark tan Fallow 
Dark tan large MINA fullset 

small Mina fullset to follow 

Available to order now ..please email me 
I have no dolls instock right now ..they are all on pre orde x
OOAK Large Mina instock in my Etsy store
OOAK Large Mina instock in my Etsy store



Large Moona and Small Moona , green resin
Large Moona and Small Moona , green resin

Sizes and measurements 

My ball joint dolls are cast in high quality resin and are available in a multiple of colours 

Natural , White ,Light Tan ,Dark Tan , lilac , grey , lavender , green , blue , pink and red 

Moona available in 2 sizes 

Bracken .Available in 2 sizes 

Mina , Available in 2 head versions , mermaid or human , she is also available as mermaid ,on a mermaid option ,  the large  version of Mina is only available with human head and normal body .

Thistledown is available with human or elf ears .

Coco and BonBon

These are available on their cubby fairy body 

But their heads also fit the large Moona and Bracken body ..these I call Fallow and Roa 

They also fit the large Bracken Body .. Who I call Sika and 

The heads are also interchangeable you can get a Moona head on a Bracken body Etc 

Prices small Moona ,Mina ,Bracken,Thistledown 

Plus shipping 

Coco and BonBon 

Large Moona ,Bracken and Mina 

All dolls come with eyes,wig and face up ...£185.00

Fullsets £235 to £235

Dolls without face ups and wigs £165.00 

Prices include postage 

White resin fallow
White resin fallow

Coco and BonBon

 Measurements of the dolls 

Coco and BonBon share the same measurements 

Height 15 cm  

head 10.5 cm

eyes 8mm

foot 2.6cm

bust 10.3 cm

waist 9.5 cm

hip 12.4 cm

inside leg 4.7 cm

tiny  Mina , Moona , Zack and Bracken/Milo


height  14 cm

eyes Mina 6mm, Moona  8mm,Bracken 8mm

head Mina 6cm ,Moona 8cm,Bracken 8cm

foot 2cm

waist 5.5 cm 

hips 6.7cm

chest 6.8 cm

inside leg 5.6 to ankle

shoulder to wrists

Large Dolls

Mina /Moona /Bracken 

Height 25 cm

eyes ..Mina 10 or 12 mm ..Moona 12 cm

head .Mina  13 cm ..Moona 14 cm 

foot 3.2 cm

waits 7.5

Bust 10 cm

hip 9.5 cm

inside leg to ankle 11 cm

arm - shoulder to wrist 7.5 cm

Bracken /Zack

Height 26cm

head Bracken 14cm Zack 13 cm 

eyes Bracken 12cm ,Zack 10mm

foot 3.2

waist 7.5

hip 9 cm 

inside leg

shoulder to wrist  7.5

In both the large and small dolls 

Milo is the same head mould as Moona so measurements are identical 

Zack is the Mina head mould

Bracken is a separate head mould but shares the same measurements as Moona 

Brier Rose is the Bracken head sculpt

there are 2 body types for all dolls

Fallow and Sika are Coco and bonbon heads on the large Moona and Bracken body