Custom wig

 I only have a few wigs available in my Etsy store 

But I have reordered materials so more wigs will be available end of June x 

Blondes and red heads are making a return in this new batch 

Tiny leather hand dyed ..petite Blythe boots ...these are over size so they will feet other tiny feet x
And the tiniest of boots fit a variety of tiny dolls 
Boots n boxs

New style boots n shoes ..I love these ! 

Yes I will be making them in other sizes 

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 To see what I'm working on now , or who has joined my collection 

Add me on Instagram 

On Etsy now x

new email is xx ..this site is now updated so you can contact me from this email , thank you 

I've been adding new wigs , boots and knitwear to my Etsy store weekly ...please drop by and take a look 

New boots added each week

 New boots on Etsy now ..more next week sizes from 1 cm to Sasha 

boots now available to order here 
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