Recovering !

MAY 20 ... 

 Just a note ..I hate putting on my page but in case I don't answer straight away here 

I've just come out of surgery ..having had my hip replaced ...I thought I would be straight back at work ...but I'm starting to realise now's going to take a bit of time 

I am doing my boots 

But I'm not taking on any more wig orders ( I have 4 to do and it's hard work for me , but they are promised ) so I'm not doing them for a few weeks 

I have Sasha ..Susi and Blythe shoes all cut out and ready for me to sew ... plus some bears I'm finishing up 

These will be added to my Etsy shop 

Commissions that were made and paid for are my priority ..and are all ready cut out / sewn / half made 

My partner is posting my mail for me's taking a little longer for me to get them out , as I will be house bound for a little while ..

But all things in my shop are being sent out within 4 -5 days

Thank you for your patience xxx and I will be back on my feet ,.foot soon !

Boots n boxs

New style boots n shoes ..I love these ! 

Yes I will be making them in other sizes 

Add me on Instagram

 To see what I'm working on now , or who has joined my collection 

Add me on Instagram 

On Etsy now x

Im so sorry my email has been down email is xx ..this site is now updated so you can contact me from this email , thank you 

I've been adding new wigs , boots and knitwear to my Etsy store weekly ...please drop by and take a look 

New boots added each week

 New boots on Etsy now ..more next week sizes from 1 cm to Sasha 

boots now available to order here 
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