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Tiny Knit dress

For tiny dress 

Using sock yarn and 1mm pin 

Cast on 20 sts

Rib 4 rows 

K5 ,KFB next 2 sts, k6, KFB next 2 sts,k5 (24st) 


K5,KFB next 4 sts,k6,KFB next 4 sts,k5 (32sts)


K5 , KFB 8 sts , k6 , KFB next 8 sts ,k5 (48)


K6, k14, turn 

Purl 14 turn work on 16sts 

Work 4 rows 

2 rows rib

Cast off rib wise 

Rejoin yarn 

K to end 

P 20 turn work second sleeve as first 

Rejoin yarn p across reverse of the front and back 6 sts

K across all sts 6 back , 8 front 6 back 


K skirt 

KFB into every stitch 40sts 


StST 4rows

K2 rows 

Then CO knitwise 

Stitch up sleeves from cuff to armpit , then stitch the back closed leaving a gap to get dolls dress on and add a popper on the back .
Free knitting chart

 Free knitting chart 

Using 4ply pure new wool ..sock wool is wonderful 

I used 2mm needles 

Very simple chart ..each square is one stitch 

0 .. is increase ..these are on the sleeves 

Using this yearn and needles will make a jumper to fit Sindy , Tammy ..Susi 

Please if using my charts to knit jumpers to resell me for my pattern and design ..thank you 

More will be added 

Created by sleepingelf