New style shoes my Etsy store now
Coco ..resin ball joint doll

In 2007 I began my journey with Moona, Bracken ,the Elves ,Mina the Mermaid , Coco and BonBon , and Thistledown ..Elf and human version . There is also Fallow , Roe ,Sika ,BrierRose ,Zack and Milo ( various head and body combinations ) 

Boots ..from realpuki to Makie and Hujoo

 Recently I began making shoes and boots for my Blythe and BJDs , Shoes are available from  the tiny realpuki and Pukupuki size ..up to realfee .. I am working on a mini fee ..all are made from 100% leather 
All hand made , the whole process by myself 

Curley Tots for Blythe

 I began making wigs in 2005 Wigs are custom dyed and styled each one an individual no 2 wigs are ever alike .. But I will always do my best for you 

One of a kind outfits

 outfits NOW available  for Blythe and my beloved vintage SINDY/TAMMY girls 

Created by sleepingelf