Palest blonde
Pretty in pink
Multi patched Curley tots
Blythe Curley tots wig
Custom dye mix
Custom dye and cut
Wigs can be dyed in almost all colours

 All wigs are hand dyed and hand styled by myself ..I use natural Tibetan Sheepskin.. This is a byproduct of the food industry 

They can be ordered in sizes 4 to 11 

Prices are below 

£ 12.50 -size 4

£ 16.00 - 4.5 to 5.5

£ 18.00 -size 6 to 11 

Curley tots range 

£20.00 - size 4 

£ 23.00 size  4.5 to 5.5

£26.00 size 6 to 11

For instant gratification check out my Etsy store 

Icelandic Curley Tots
Standard wigs custom dye
Custom dyed Tibetan
Curly tots OOAK
Custom colour
Blonde curly tots
Created by sleepingelf