Tiny leather boots and shoes

New sizes

 I am now making boots in all sizes , from tiny 1 cm for micro bjds to Sasha 

I also make boots now for tiny Lati white to MSD 

What size boots will fit my doll ?

The boots fit this foot size l.they are slightly oversize so you can get socks on with them ..and knit sock ...smaller Little Fee boot comming soon 

Micro boots ... micro BJD and tiny Blythe / Pullip 
1 cm to 5 mm 

pukiPuki / Real Puki boots 
1.7 x 8mm wide 

Middie Blythe 
5 cm x 1 cm 

Blythe /Monster High /Sindy ..size 
2.6 cm x 1. 2 cm wide 

Pullip Taeyang Makie / realfee 
4cm x 1.6 

Little Fee / Lati green 
4cm x 2cm 

MSD /Middie Fee 
5cm x 2.5 cm 

6cm x 2.7 cm

New style shoe ..available for Blythe in my Etsy shop ...other sizes available soon

 New style shoes ..these fit Blythe ,Sindy , Susi Estrela , Tammy 

and dolls of similar size foot  

New style boot
Hand dyed shoes ..fits Blythe,Lati yellow , MonsterHigh
All black Witchyboo boots
Oversize buckle boots

 Oversize Boot £20.00 

Hand made oversize Leather boot Available in black , dark brown , tan ,white ..and red 

Fits Blythe ,Pullip , Monster high , EverAfter High , Sindy , Tammy ,Susi , up to 3.5 cm foot 

Price includes insured postage ..items are all posted in boxs so as they are moulded into shape , I like to make shure  they they are not damaged or flattened after they are sent ☺️

Soft beige shoes
Brown long boot
Tiny realpuki , Lati white , pukipuki Witchyboo boots
Tiny realpuki ...puki puki ..Lati white ..brownie
Groovy silver leather ltd
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